Friday, May 23, 2008

Matzo balls, chicken nuggets and vegetarians

Well I officially decided to go back to my vegetarian lifestyle after a five year reprieve. I feel more like myself deleting animal flesh. I am not saying I don't like it, in fact I do, it taste fine and I even managed to eat steak and crab with little barnacles on it, but it wasn't me. I am back to the way I truly believe I was created. After 15 years of vegetarianism and five years away I am back and I feel better than ever. Actually I am doing a whole food raw food diet inspired by friend who may travel with me to Ethiopia. She is doing it and feels great! But tonight I cooked Matzo balls and chicken nuggets, it is one of those dinners that don't even make sense. I was too tired to actually cook the carrots and celery so I just said we are doing raw it is better for you. But if I were getting graded for presentation I would have failed miserably. I doubt I cooked the Matzo balls the right way and it was not a hit to say the least. Gary who will eat anything said it took a couple of bites to get used to. Not exactly a shining dinner moment, but at least we have food and the way the gas prices are going up who knows, 3.77 a gallon!! At least the kids loved the Tyson chicken nuggets.

Abby's new word is "propriated" she says things like, "mom is it propriated to scratch my name in the soap?" (appropriate)

She also told me she liked my fat belly and I am so comfortable like a giant walking pillow. Nice. Thank God I am loosing weight. It is not propriated for me to be so heavy.

Mason taught Judah how to count to 7!!! we couldn't even get him past three but somehow Mason was able to reach him and in just a week had him counting to seven!!! I am so proud of both of my sons, the teacher and the student. Mason has a gift and a special way to relate to Judah. Poor Abby is in need of a sister currently she wants to play stuffed animal birthday party and Mason is making a myriad of strange noises and smacking Judah on the head with his animal.

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