Monday, May 12, 2008

Mason's prayer

Dear God,
Thank you for Judah, thank you for his beautiful eyes to see with so he doesn't walk into walls. Thank you for his cute tummy to tickle and thank you for his cute head so he can make good decisions. Amen. Smell my stinky feet.

This cute little prayer was said all while torturing his brother with tickles and rough housing. Boys. Abby just looked at me and said with a smile, "I need a sissy uh?"

We are waiting just 3 days until court, tomorrow will make a mere two. yikes.

Decided I will leave if I pass court on the 21 of June arriving in Ethiopia on the 23rd and leaving to come home the 30th. This is all God willing of course. Come to find out June-September is their peek travel season. Nice. It is supposed to be rainy!!!! Who wants to travel in the rain, must be family stuff. I don't know.

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