Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Justice was served today

The scene of the accident
Gary fixed the tail light right away but it was also busted out
you can see the scape, thank God no one got hurt.

For those of you that don't know Gary had a minor altercation with a VW bug during our garage sale fundraiser. He stopped on the side of the road to pick up a scooter that had fallen out of the trailer and a car with 2 girls being silly, waving at our husbands (Jen's and mine), ran into our Suburban. The bad thing was we got the ticket. Well Gary spent hours studying and planning to fight this thing. He got dressed for court today in his fancy church clothes, had pictures blown up of the road and the car, studied the law, made diagrams and read how to seem larger than life in the court room to make your presence intimidating. Well I guess it worked because when he stood ready to plead his case the officer sitting behind him seeing how well prepared he was just stood up and said he didn't wish to continue with this case. Gary never even got to say anything! I think he was excited and at the same time disappointed because he would have totally won. The officer was obviously in the wrong for ticketing him. Now we are contacting this girls insurance so they can perhaps pay for the damages. Ya for us!! Gary had fixed the light it was totally busted out. He stopped on an open country road with no cars at all in sight and plenty of room, but the girls were so busy flirting with our husbands they ran into the back of our car. Needless to say Gary felt pretty hot for a while.

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