Saturday, May 31, 2008

Cake 911

That is what I get for bragging about baking a home made from scratch cake. What a disaster!! Can you see the picture, it was so dry I had to choke it down. There was no saving this puppy. So I tried again today. Here is the unfinished results of my cake today. It most likely is a flop as well as I couldn't get the egg whites to stiffen and then I added things at the wrong time and then my blender broke and I nearly splattered eggs everywhere, upon which time I used profanity that starts with s!!!! Those of you that know me know that I don't cuss but man alive I am covered it raw eggs and batter and who knows what. I have always been able to bake a decent cake but I think my bragging jinxed me or something. The frosting was a whole other issue, I didn't have syrup and enough butter, I even ran out of milk but you know what it is what it is. Currently cooling in the fridge. It is probably dry as the last cake and I won't know until Gary's whole family samples it. Did I mention it was for his birthday? Here are the pictures of my fiasco. Oh ya I forgot to add in the first cake and the first try Abby stuck her head in the batter. Nice.

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