Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Bunk Bed Mania

Okay court date is quickly approaching!!! Weight is quickly dropping!!! I am seeing a special doctor today to discuss a weight loss program which is what I need and something I am ready for. I need to be healthy.

So on a different and unrelated note: Gary completed, well almost, Mason's bunk bed or loft bed. Judah and him are officially in the same room!! Abby has a empty twin bed next to her waiting for sissy to come home. I can't wait to say "come on girls" "boys stop it!" ha, poor boys. They are like two lion cubs constantly rough housing. Abby joins in once in a while but is nowhere near as rough.

Mason and Judah apparently talked about body functions and while Mason dangled his toes from the top bunk Judah would bite them. I found this out early this morning. Another problem or challenge of them sharing a room is that Judah wakes early, Mason does not. Need I say more. I will figure it out though, this might be the thing that gets our lazy bottoms all out of bed by 6 am. (shiver) I will send pictures of the rooms complete when they are complete, I would love to share before and afters but the rooms are so horrible. So when they are done and the one second they are actually clean I will snap a quick photo of our hard word. I am also trying to save money. Gary and I are on the cheap train to getting out of debt and paying our houses off, I will make a debt ticker as well. But with that said it means I have to decorate their rooms for as cheap as possible. I will reveal my secrets when it all done.

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