Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Judah has had a speech explosion

Well my young son Judah has finally arrived. He is talking and a lot!

Tonight he told me " I just joking you, i just tending you" smiling his big charming adorable smile, what he said was he was just kidding with me and that he was pretending. I couldn't believe he was using those kind of words. Then later he told me "I got to the doctor and her fix my talk" pointing to his mouth, he said he didn't want to go to the doctor to fix his talk. I can only imagine he has heard enough from me telling his overdose story that he has finally made the connection that the surgery we had done has helped him hear and in turn speak. He is too cute and getting cuter by the minute. He listens to me sometimes now without the power struggles and is really starting to understand telling the truth! It is like a light is coming on and I am glad to see it. He argues like the dickens and tonight at dinner Mason and him were just going at it, I decided to be a good mom and quote the word of God about contentious men stirring strife, then they started to argue who was contentious, Judah even tried to say the word contentious. He is just becoming more secure and sure of his words and his voice, he is able to tell me things and is becoming increasingly affectionate. I am really happy. Pray that we don't have drastic set backs with Nettie. yikes.

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