Thursday, April 24, 2008

Check out my new hair do!

Jen did my hair, and she is truly and aritist!!! I knew it was time to do it when my eldest son said, "please don't color you hair red mom i like the two colors it is already, black and yellow" Okay ......... ya.

I feel so good and refreshed for once I have been so consumed with adoption stuff I can't see straight and didn't realize how bad my hair had got. I really don't look in the mirror to often. Thank you Jen I feel so good.

also the family that was there to give Nettie her package and get her profile left early today, I have no idea if Nettie got her package or what she thought or if she even knows she has a family. The family was supposed to spend saturday with the kids at Hope but they left today. So I have no clue. I hope she got her package and they were able to make her smile.

more later.

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  1. kim you look great! i love your new cut and color.....your eyes look so blue :)