Saturday, March 15, 2008

Well we finally got the news!

We finally got the news. We have been matched with a darling almost five year old girl. We are excited and look forward to accepting the referral. As of right now it is a tentative agreement and we are waiting on some final paper work that should come in next week. There is also a very sweet friend picking up her daughter in Ethiopia, that is going to meet out little A.... (sorry no name or pictures online until things are finalized) and let us know how she is and some more information about her personality. We are looking forward to an update from her. She said she would also pray for her too!! I told her she could tell her about us and that we are waiting and that some strangers over 5,000 miles away are waiting to become mommy and daddy. I am putting a photo album together and there is so much to do. Like learn to speak her language!! Get her room ready!! Write a letter telling her about us. :)


  1. Kim, I am so, so happy for you! You have waited so long for this, and now in God's timing, you have your little girl. If you want me to bring anything over, I would be more then happy to.


  2. Congratulations!!!

    This is great news!! We are adopting and want a daughter that is about 4. So I need to be learning the language too!! What are you going to use to learn it?