Thursday, March 6, 2008

La Vida Loca

Ahh my crazy life, I haven't been good at blogging at all!! Probably by now I have been forgotten and my words are to the wind!

Where have I been? Launching a new ministry I have dreamed of for two years!! Yes God has finally given the go ahead just when I thought this would never happen.

We are made up of 10 members strong of fellow adoptive mothers and advocates. We are The Grafted Tree, a voice to the voiceless. A ministry to all Gods children. We had partnered with local agencies and are gather resources. There are about 6 of us that are very active in the group. It was all of our dreams and it was like God just put us together with such oneness it is hard to describe. I truly feel I have known them forever!! Anyway we will be getting things off soon here doing speaking engagements at local churches and spreading the word of God's love in adoption. I am trying to prepare my testimony but it is harder than I thought.

We should have our website up and running and we are actively working towards becoming non profit, we have already 2 orphanages in interested in us from Africa and I hope we can raise awareness and tons of money for them. We are an interdenominational group comprised of different christian churches in our area. I hope we will grow and encourage more churches to start their own orphan ministries so that we can reach more kids. Our web site when it is up and running will be I am working on it and trust me I am no techie! More later I am so sorry I haven't caught up.

Here's one for the road, Oatmeal in an Afro doesn't easily come out. I learned this a month ago when Abby and Judah disappeared under my dining room table with a container of oatmeal and she showered him with it. He had oats in his hair for well over a week despite washing which was a no no because of his African hair. Poor baby had no oil left on his scalp, we ended up cutting his hair.


  1. It sounds like you have a lot going on. How cool.

  2. Oatmeal bath huh? That sounds really yummy! We are just now learning about African hair at our house... Jameson got out of the bath and her hair was in perfect little ringlets; it was gorgeous! We were dressed and ready to go to a shower my friends at work were having for us and I see her pick up a regular hair brush. It happened in slow motion, but before I could stop her, she had brushed through her ringlets and had a fro sticking straight up about a foot off her head... no more ringlets. I learned how to fix hair really fast that day. Sounds like between you and Judah, we could come up with a good peanut butter/oatmeal cookie recipe.