Friday, March 28, 2008

Garage Sale

Hence another lesson. I don't know what it is but it is there for the taking.

Garage sale? So many things to talk about on this subject.
People, so many kinds of people so many reactions to a good deal.
Some would steal, some would hoard, some will just humbly accept the price tag, some will trick and some will negotiate, some will give and give freely. We had a somone I don't know who leave 100 dollars in our donation bottle. I wish I could say thank you to whoever but God sees what they do and I know they will be rewarding in heaven for their generosity.

Some would steal. I feel sorry for the person that would steal from an adoption fundraiser garage sale. I know that God sees them too and he and he alone knows their heart and motive. I have known women to steal and it is for their kids, food, clothes. I don't judge or try not to anyway.

I am so tired an the garage sale produced a good amount of funds for our combined adoption expenses. We are blessed beyone measure but when I talk about blessings it is less financial and more relational. I have come to know and love the families I am working with, they are part of the ministry that we are building as a team. I am privledged to be sitting at a garage sale in their company. I really did have a good time. We laughed and talked and laughed. I was happy to see how much money was generated but more happy to get to know my new friends.
Jen and Julie and company!!

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