Saturday, January 19, 2008


This is a simple question. Why? That is what goes through my head when I find things in my house that are out of the ordinary. (really I know why?, it's because they are kids)

1. Why is there dog food in a Christmas ornament? Why is there still a Christmas ornament hanging around?
2. Why does Abby think it is okay to flour surf? (this is where you sprinkle flour on the floor and slide in it. I thought "pillow surfing" was bad. Flour surfing is much worse.
3. Why do the kids climb the tree in the back yard? when literally there is a very nice playground set 15 feet away in our yard with ladders, rock climbing wall, tire swings.
4. Why does Abby feel like she needs to stamp everything? She found my orphan business account stamper and stamped Mason, my books, the floor, herself. So all day she wore the image "Pay to the Order of Bank of America, deposit only Kim and Gary's Orhpans Fund"
5. Why does Abby climb in the linen closet and get her self stuck every time?
6. Why does Judah fill his cup with almonds and top it off with water?
7. Why does Abby take the lids off the containers that holds her toys but only plays with the lids, building a lid house to crawl under?
8. Why does dog food taste good to 3 and 4 year olds?
9. Why would Abby dump all the things out from the bathroom vanity and hide there even after being punished 3 times in a row for doing the same thing?
10. Why is my brain fried?
11. Why are there 4 pairs of shoes tied together? oh ya booby trap.

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