Saturday, January 26, 2008

Update on Judah

This was Judah in the ER, he was sleeping.

After he woke up, he was awake for about 30 minutes total yesterday.
Today you would think nothing happened. He was talking to his grandmother. He put that shell collecting bag on his head and was all over the place. I cannot believe how active he is.

Today I have been in shock, but all is well physically, just tired. Today could have been such a different day for our family. Instead we spent time just hanging out and playing. Judah's recovery is amazing. He hasn't cried once, he is eating oatmeal and Popsicles and even a string cheese. I cannot believe how fast he is moving through this operation. He was playing on the swings, laughing and just being completely normal. You can't keep a good man down. He has just had 1 tsp of Tylenol and that is it!! He says it doesn't hurt!
Anyway still trying to figure out what happened. The doctor called first thing this morning and said he would get to the bottom of this and it would never happen again. That's good to know but I still want to see the records. I have a theory of what happened but I will wait until I get further information. The fire fighters saved his life and we will bake them some yummy cookies we will go down and see them and say thank you in person. Thank you for all of your prayers and support and prayers.


  1. Thank God Kim! I loved seeing him with the shell bag on his head--what a little ham! :-)
    Love, Julia

  2. Hi Kim and family

    We were pleased to be able to speak to Gary yesterday and are so relieved that Judah is OK. He's a resilient little guy! Love to you all, Rose & John.

  3. Glad he's up and at it again. Pryaing for resolution with regard to the medical staff and their actions.

  4. I'm so glad the Doctor called this morning. I'm sure that meant a lot. I'm so happy he is doing well.

  5. Okay, it's been too long for an update! How is he today?