Friday, January 11, 2008

Our Crazy Dreams

Okay weird night for entire family.

I dreamed I was never getting a referral and that I had "gone Brittany Spears" and was running crazy down this long hallway with a ton of doors and I just wanted to find the end. It was in some building like a warehouse, I finally found the end and it was a bathroom I locked my self in a stall and just sat there. Knowing there was no where else I could run. It was not a good dream. ( This is a no brainer)

Gary stuttered this morning and he could barely say he dreamt about "adop, ad, adopt, " he couldn't bring himself to say it and I was laughing so hard. Apparently in his dream he was in the country with Eric Estrada and they were in a field and talking about airplanes and Eric Estrada and him were talking adoption.
Mason dreamed of booby traps
Abby had some bad dream and ended up in our bed
Judah snored all night.

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