Sunday, January 20, 2008

Grocery store

Well today at Walmart I payed for a Paula Dean cooking Magazine. Of course you know I didn't buy this or should I say I didn't pick it out, I payed for it but apparently Abigail is a fan of Paula Dean. Anyway I caught this one, AH HA! she took it off my bill. On the way out of the store I began to wander, "Do my kids not know that this is wrong?" So I briefed them once again on grocery store etiquette. You know I could have kept the Paula Dean magazine had I 10 pounds of butter! But alas, I just bought some store bought brownies to drown myself into tonight. Gary is gone for the next three days and there isn't even a hint of a referral on the horizon. I am waiting on the Lord and watching and rejoicing with others but that is all I can do. Abby has got a terrible cough, it is the kind that is next to uncontrollable. This kept me up from 11 to 4 this morning, not that hanging out with my daughter watching "Over the Hedge" was fun at 2 am but ..... sleep would have been nice too. Now I am wandering if I am going to be making another trip to the urgent care with all the kids in tow. Pray I don't.

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