Friday, January 4, 2008

Booby Traps

I have one word of waring to anyone who remembers the movie Home Alone.

Do not let your kids watch it, especially if you kids include a 5 year old boy.
You will be unraveling, tripping over, and cleaning up booby traps for months to come, in my case years.

Not to mention that there are a few bad words and bad attitudes, but honestly you can contain those things.
Booby traps are another story. Today for instance, I apparently tripped a wire (thread) hooked to a broom and a wire from Judahs remote control construction truck, napkins all over my floor to help me slip, I knocked over a glass of water. Mason yells out "Mom you messed up my booby trap!" Like I did that on purpose. You know that was just one booby trap in the past year I have fallen victim too. There have been countless designs and purposes to his booby traps. Lately though it is to catch criminals, he has them set up at every entrance of the house at various times of the day. And noone is safe, not even the dogs as he had something going by the doggy door tonight. Our poor fat dog is already terrified of the doggy door aftere it got stuck on him a few months ago. He is just recovering from that so I was hasty to remove what items Mason had put to trip up the hound.

I must say, it is okay and most the time amusing to have booby traps set up by one five year boy but when that five year old boy tells all the five year old boys in the neighborhood you have a certified problem. I found Mason at the park with scissors and thread, and heard some rumblings between his friends of catching bad guys. Who knows where and who will fall victim to whatever he and his friends built.

Next time I will include pictures.

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